Thursday, March 24, 2011

SPIMUN as Served Up by Steven

Wednesday was the last day for MUN in St.Petersburg. In the morning, I was in the General Assembly conference. It was the longest debate we faced. There was one resolution discussed in the General Assembly, which I worked on as the Bullis delegate of Argentina in Disarmament Committee; I was the main organizer of the resolution. After an exciting and heated debate, the resolution of prevention of cyber terrorism was passed in the General Assembly for further debate. In the General Assembly session, the quality of the resolution was proved by the seriousness of diction and thoughtful arrangement. Through the three-hour debate, the resolution passed in the General Assembly with super majority. It was a great success for Bullis MUN. With an exciting closing ceremony, the 15th SPIMUN finished its last agenda. The SPIMUN is the first international MUN Bullis attended. During the compressed three-day conference, Bullis MUN had a lot of improvement and received some success. There is no doubt that St. Petersburg trip is meaningful to Bullis MUN club. In this international MUN conference, the club experienced more serious debate and got to know other more experienced MUNers. Indeed, the international MUN is also a good opportunity for Bullis students to get to know new people as well as a new culture. At the last night of MUN, all of us attended a Disco Dance in St. Petersburg. It was an exciting night for all of us. The power of music drive all the people participate of MUN gathered as friends. Clearly, the chilly wind of St. Petersburg couldn't put off the passionate fire of the excitement. The gathering was also a great opportunity for people to get to experience interesting European culture. Overall, the last day of MUN in St.Petersburg will be a remarkable page in Bullis MUN history. The effort we put into the MUN finally paid off in the conference. This will clearly be a new fresh start at a new level for MUN in Bullis.

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